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JL Squared Group, LLC (“JL Squared”) is an investment management company founded in 2003 to manage the hedge fund investments of Ira Lubert, the Founder and Co-Founder of private equity groups with over $16 Billion in total equity raised. The Firm was established to diversify, protect and grow the assets of Mr. Lubert’s portfolio via exposure to more liquid hedge fund strategies. Once the Firm’s hedge fund portfolio was properly in place, the Firm attracted outside investors into the investment partnership through the affiliation with Independence Capital Partners (ICP).

From 2003 to 2011, Jonathan Lubert, Mr. Lubert’s son, managed the assets seeking absolute returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes. In 2011, Jon Lubert brought on a partner to assist in the day to day management of the portfolio, Jonathan Liggett.  Mr. Liggett’s unique experience both as an investment banker and as a portfolio manager for an emerging market focused hedge fund,  Pharo Management LLC, helped to expand JL Squared Group’s capabilities in the hedge fund market.

The present day objective of the Firm is to protect capital and preserve purchasing power while generating absolute returns in most investment scenarios. The Firm strives to maximize risk-adjusted returns via creating hedge fund products and providing private wealth management services. JL Squared favors strategies that use sound risk management, esoteric asset classes, asymmetric return profiles and a history of performing in all market conditions and sizes positions based on volatility, expected returns and correlations.

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